• Search Volume – The first factor to consider is how many people are actually searching for a given keyword. The more people there are searching for a keyword, the bigger the potential audience you stand to reach. Conversely, if no one is searching for a keyword, there is no audience available to find your content through search.
  • Relevance – A term may be frequently searched for, but that does not necessarily mean that it is relevant to your prospects. Keyword relevance, or the connection between content on a site and the user's search query, is a crucial ranking signal.
  • Competition – Keywords with higher search volume can drive significant amounts of traffic, but competition for premium positioning in the search engine results pages can be intense. 


Remember – there’s no shortage of marketing data available from the web. What there is a shortage of is action. To grow your business, you need someone who can cut through mountains of data to uncover the information that’s really important and then turn that information into actionable results. We’re even experts in Google Tag Manager if you need help implementing or configuring the advanced tagging tool to get more granular data on how your site is performing.


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